vFlat Scan【免费手机扫描仪】

vFlat Scan【免费手机扫描仪】 最新版

vflat apk是一个能够快速扫描书籍的软件,将书里的内容导入手机里,并且不仅仅只能够扫描书籍,文件、日记等都可以轻松扫描并导入手机里,不用再一个个字打了,直接轻松导入,让你节约更多的时间。

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vFlat Scan 是一款免费的纸质书扫描应用,它通过 AI 来校正书籍边缘弯曲、移除翻页时的手指头,可以快速的将纸质书扫描为 PDF 文档。目前已支持 iPhone、iPad 和 Android。

Main features of vFlat

Auto-Recognizing of Scan Area

vFlat automatically recognizes borders of documents or book pages to scan. You can get clear-cut scan results from any angle without manual cropping.

Automatic Capturing

It recognizes the scan target and captures automatically without having to press the button repeatedly. Scanning is quicker and easier when capturing hundreds of book pages or a lot of paperwork.

Flattening Curved Pages

It automatically straightens the curved surface of book pages. vFlat Scans as if they were captured with a professional book scanner, without having to taking pieces of the book.

Two-page Capturing

The left and right pages of a book are captured with a single click and they are automatically divided and saved. Get fast results, even when scanning thick books.

Free Text Recognition (OCR)

It converts scanned images to text for free through text recognition. You can copy the converted text and easily share it with friends or colleagues.

Exporting to various formats (PDF, JPG, TXT)

You can convert scanned images into PDF files and image files(JPG) and text files(TXT). You can convert the file into a format suitable for your purpose.

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

vFlat does not collect your personal information and scan data without your explicit consent.

· Terms of Use https://vflat.page.link/terms_en

· Privacy Policy https://vflat.page.link/privacy_en

Information on access rights

· Camera: Camera access is required to take a document.

· Photo Library: Access permission is required to save captured images to the photo library. (Optional)


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